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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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es you're not looking at a failure severe windchill. 24 by 8:00 a.m. 25 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 28 by noon. this afternoon temperature improves a little bit but pretty much wind up where we were yesterday. 32 degrees the freezing mark at 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. we're back in the upper 20s. karen we're looking at possible record lows and wintry mix precipitation for sunday i'll have details coming up. >> reporter: record cold temperatures that's new for this month. can you see the snow blowing across the cameras. it is light but it's snowing in chester county route 100 at 113. the roads looks mostly wet, i wouldn't be surprised to see slick spots, slow it down. let's take a live look at the boulevard. ridge avenue, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill. light flurries don't seem to be causing too much of a problem. the big issue is in wissinoming.
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this is the accident at harbison avenue at van kirk street there's a car that ran into a firehouse. emergency crews are on the scene. stick to torresdale. you can see the flurries coming down here, as well. burlington bristol bridge on standby. head to the connector bridge instead. we have an accident 29 northbound at 129 it cleared. traffic is moving better. >> let's go back to the story you're talking about the overnight calm and quiet at a fire station ended not because they were heading to the scene but because of a bang at the front door. firefighters are cleaning up and trying to calm their own nerves. eva pilgrim is live near the scene in wissinoming she has been talking to some of the firefighters, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you can see a car came crashing through the doors of the firehouse pushing the medic unit several feet from where it was
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originally parked against the white line there ending feet from where a firefighter was working. this happened before 2:00 a.m. a driver coming up harbison fell asleep and came crashing through the door. none of the firefighters were hurt, the driver had minor injuries he was taken to the hospital to be treated. he. >> he was fortunate and the firefighters were firefighter. usually this is a very bills station and people pals by the doors, regularly. if they were passing by, someone would have been injured very quiltly. >> reporter: now this brand new 2015 medic unit, as you can see damaged in the crash as was the garage door to the fire house. s firehouse is in the process of moving their equipment to another facility, since they can't open and close the door, but everyone feeling very thankful that nobody was seriously injured this morning. we're live in wissinoming. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action
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news." >> indeed, thank you eva. new video emerged online shows isis on destructive tear through iraq. they are taking sledge hammers to statues and destroying century old artifacts in seconds. they burned the library that was home to 8,000 rare books and manuscripts. abc news reported that the most wanted man in the world has been identified, saying jihadi john the man dressed in black is a london raced -- raised person named mohammed emwazi. >> the identity of the most
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wanted man revealed. mohammed emwazi, 26 years old. raised in this mixed neighborhood where people are stunned. >> the mohammed i knew, was extremely soft-spoken and the most humble young person that i knew. >> reporter: authorities figured out his identity after the beheading of james foley in august. >> it's tragic that a talented young man would lose his way and become part of a such a brutal network as isis. >> reporter: the unmerciful isis leader slaying two americans plus two brins -- britons and two japanese hostages. his
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was confirmed as three traveled to syria to join isis. >> we're losing the battle today, the amount of use of social activity and any other internal-based activities eclipses our effort. >> reporter: it is not nonhow he fell off the radar and went to syria to join isis. >> a man is going to be sentenced in a philadelphia court for murdering a teen after a fireworks show. the open fire on three teens in 2010. the group was walking home after walking the fireworks show. 16-year-old was killed and the other teens survived. police have stepped up their search for teachers who are suspects in spring garden.
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a woman was attacked in the middle of the day at 19th an north street also yesterday. the victim was maced and put in a head locked and robbed. five other hold jumps have happened in the neighborhood in the past three weeks. we'll have reaction from residents in the next half-hour. >> a school district on the main line is investigating a disturbing case of racist graffiti. the principal sent an e-mail to parents saying he plans to address the matter to students yesterday. >> black history month it's just affecting my principal and the general school society. >> the graffiti was photographed and erased. radnor police say they were never notified to investigate what could have been a hate crime. >> we're about to close the door on february, but it's going
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out with a bitter blast. >> reporter: it's one of the coldest februaries we have on record. march is sunday, let's go march. storm tracker 6 live double scan, i got a tweet from somebody saying i'm waking up with a coating of snow in chester county, when is spring coming? we'll talk about that in a moment, but we'll talk about snow. it's not going to be too bad but a little bit of a hinderance to some of you. it's beginning to thin out in west western chester county. it's moving toward the east, the brightest bloom of precipitation centered in through delaware county chester county getting better, philadelphia seeing a light coating in spots. most of us producing flurries, slow it down if you see light coverage on the roads. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies with snow shower activity popping through. there's philadelphia international airport, looking
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missy in the lights there what with the possibility of light snow popping through. temperatures cold this morning too, 25 degrees in philadelphia. and winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour not too strong, but strong enough between the temperature and the winds to require coats and some extra gear. there's the snow shower, but out to the west you can see there's clearing and we expect the transition to partly sunny skies fairly quickly today and stay that way for most of the afternoon. 11:00, 27. noon 42. the freezing mark is the high, breezes on the light side. 25 in allentown. 33 in cape may. everybody else somewhere in between. if you have plans to go out to dinner or movie 25 degrees right now on the storm tracker 6 live app but this evening 5:00 p.m., 29. 26 by 7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m., 24. by 11:00 p.m. if you're coming
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out of the late show all the way down to 20. no presimm -- no precipitation clear skies and but obviously coat and scarf weather. i want to fast forward to sunday that's the next precipitation maker. it is possible by 4:00 p.m. 4:30, some of the light snow shower activity is working into the region, and then during the evening we see it mix with sleet and rain. later on by 11:00 p.m. it may change over to largely rain with a little bit of sleet. this may not wram -- wrap up until early on monday. that's something to watch. sunday especially at nighttime into monday morning. looking ahead lots of good stuff is coming. daylight savings, 9 days away. spring begins in 21 days, and opening day for the phillies, 38
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days away and i got tickets. 32 degrees is the forecasted high. tomorrow, february one we want to forget is finally getting out of here. it will wind up on a typically cold day. 34 degrees is the high. monday we welcome march and we get light snow shower activity mixing with sleet and rain. some of that might be hanging around for the early monday morning commute. tuesday we're looking at a another system that might start out as sleet but is generally rain, and obviously rain in the afternoon high of 48. looks like it will be lingering into wednesday morning 54. how about 354 for wednesday. >> taking it baby. next and new this morning dash cam video catches a shocking rollover crash. police say it's a miracle that someone survived. >> an oscar winner fall also
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victim to a ball gown bandit. >> reporter: that's a shame because i love that dress. if you're heading to the airport we have light snow falling in southwest philadelphia, what does it look like on 309 coming up? >> time is running out for lawmakers to find common ground and prevent a partial shut down of homeland security. "action news" will be right back. #
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>> 5:44, hello everyone, taking a live look a center city philadelphia which might be seeing snow flurries right now. there are other areas too seeing a little bit of snow. might are as swell it's february it always snows and it's always cold. march starts sunday. >> hoping for better days with march ahead. >> reporter: i'm done with winter. i'm not kidding i'm pulling out all my spring clothes. it's hard to say goodbye to winter with shots of flurries in them. that's what we have at 09, the pennsylvania turnpike. it's not affecting traffic too much. we have a disabled vehicle that cleared at 309 on to the turnpike. traffic is moving better. it's not that big of a deal. slow it down a little bit as you travel around the area. let's take you to new castle
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county. 100 bridge at new road it's closed indefinitely. that's new this week. you meant to watch for that, it's going to be a long time. 141 is the best alternate as we look at 100 bridge. i-95 at churchman's road we have a disabled vehicle off on the shoulder. let's go to the computer traffic report. we talked about delaware and pennsylvania, let's talk about new jersey. 295 and the new jersey turnpike are moving smoothly with no reported issues. that's what we like on friday. we have an issue that's the light snowfall. this is the route 1 media bypass. west chester pike not looking too bad. light flurries. in malvern we have a bit of a snow shower going on. new jersey, 295 you're seeing that. looks like it's just flurries for the most part, in
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gloucester, camden county and burlington counties, new jersey. >> this story is unbelievable. three people survived a terrifying crash in kentucky. you're looking at dash cam video it's a terrible one. the people in the out of control suv go flying out of the car as it flips over several times. they were not wearing seat belts, but they survived. police believe the wet wintry weather softened the ground and that saved their lives. a woman who is standing trial for a deadly injection in a hotel is back on the stand. the woman died after winslow gave her an illegal silicone injection to her backside. the procedure was performed in 2011. she claims she has given thousands of injections and told the jury i never realized it
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could cause death. everyone loved what i was doing including lots of celebrities. if convicted of murder, she faces up to 40 years in prison. congress will approve funding for homeland security before the midnight deadline. republican leaders have introduced a short term measure to keep homeland security up and running for three weeks. conservatives are committed to hold out trying to use the funding as leverage against the president obama's executive armed on immigration. adrian peterson was suspended when he pleaded guilty in a child abuse case. the nfl appealed the ruling. the nfl plans to appeal the latest ruling. peterson is what is called the
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commissioner's exempt list and has yet to be fully reinstated. >> the pearl covered dress that will was worn to the oscars was stolen. >> dress the kids warmly on the way to school and the way home, your day planner forecast is up next.
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>> our own karen rogers held a gloucester county high school celebrating journalism week. she spoke to students yesterday. she got a look at kdtv product club. looking good there karen. >> they are already he hadding
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on final cut. they will be set off for good stuff in college. this is delaware county, the blue route at i-95 some light snow has been blowing around on the ramps here. i would slow it down a little, it could be slick in pennsauken, the ramps connecting 90 eastbound with 130 still closed because of the huge tanker truck fire stay on union avenue. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live on the big board shows you february doesn't want to quit. we have a light snow shower and flurry moving through the center portion of the region. where it's brighter in delaware county, philadelphia you might be getting a coating because it's more of a snow shower. it's moving towards the east and will be gone later this morning. 25 degrees by 9:00. 32 is the high and winds are not that strong. as we take a look, it felt like
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a heck of a cold february, always it turns out, this will be the 5th coldest febl on record. -- february on record and the 12th coldest month overall since we've been taking records back in 1872. it's been cold. >> a texas teen is taking advantage. rare wintery weather in the state by buildings an igloo. adam graham spent 30 hours creating the ice house. he said he homes to sleep in the igloo when it is done. >> it was the most envied gown on the red carpet, now lupita nyong'o answer pearl masterpiece was stolen from the hotel room in hollywood. the custom ivory address was made up of 6,000 pearls. they are looking at surveillance video to catch the thief.
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kevin wesley is upset that wal-mart is selling saint patrick day tees that are tied to alcohol. he wants to buy them all before the public can get them. >> to me it implies that st. patrick's day is about drinking and the irish culture is about drinking. >> reporter: the wal-mart has put more on the racks west e wesley hopes other will buy them and return them after saint padded trick's day for a refund. the retailer will not issue a comment. >> a mother is upset over what was done by a bulls bully but what she -- a bulls -- bus bully. but what she did get her in trouble.
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>> good morning everyone, take a look at the lights in the middle of the screen on the left. you can see that it is snowing. that is platt bridge over the schuylkill river. other areas are seeing snow we're tracking it for you throughout the morning. >> prosecutors in oklahoma hope to use newly released dash cam video against a suspect in a deadly case of distracted moments. police say a driver updating his facebook didn't see a road block set up at a crash scene. so he slammed into the trooper and colleague and the trooper lost his life.
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the other officer survived. security cameras captured a ohio mother slapping a young student on school bus. the mother told police she did it because the 5-year-old he hit hit her 6-year-old son. frank rizzo's .38 caliber pistol is a gun people will bid on in southampton bucks county. rizzo was the brash police commissioner whose popularity propelled him into the mayor's office in 1972. he served 8 years and died after winning the republican nomination for a third term in 1991. we've learned what caused the driver to lose control outside a firehouse in philadelphia. >> changes are coming to the internet and plenty of people don't realize it or understand it more on the new rules next.
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good morning 6:00 a.m. on this friday, february 27 we're following developing news. >> an out-of-control car jumps a curb and plows. into a philadelphia fire house. >> a woman is mailed and robbed in the -- maced and robbed in the middle of the day. >> police are looking for a predator who tried to snatch a child off a street. >> let's go outside to david murphy and karen rogers has your morning commute. >> reporter: we have snow showers on the


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